Breve Coffee

If you love foam or Latte and Cappuccino, you will probably love Breve coffee too. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this foamy and delicious coffee.

What Is a Breve Coffee?

Breve is an espresso-based drink that contains espresso, steamed half-half milk, and foam. If you are wondering what half-half is, it means half milk and half cream.

The size of the breve coffee is almost the same as the Latte and for this reason, when you ask for a breve in your local coffee shop, you will probably get a Latte with steamed half-half milk. Another thing that you might want to know due to this similarity is, breve is sometimes called breve latte. In addition, you can ask for half-half milk with almost every espresso-based coffee if you want some extra calories.

The intense consistency of the cream creates a smooth drinking experience. However, there is a disadvantage of this drink, it contains more calories than other coffees. If you are on a diet, you might want to skip this drink.

You might think that there is only one type of this drink because of its basic ingredients but this is not true actually. For example, you might want to try iced breve if you are looking for some refreshing coffee. You will see other types of breve coffee in the rest of this article.

Origins of the Breve Coffee

Although it is mainly found in America, its origins date back to Italy. However, even in America, it is not consumed frequently due to its rich calorie content. Its name comes from the Italian, in which breve means “short.” Although you may expect a small drink due to the meaning of breve coffee, you can specify the size of your breve when you order.

Besides its traditional preparation, you can use some ingredients to richen your coffee. For example, you can use vanilla to make vanilla breve.

What makes this coffee special?

One of the reasons that this drink is good is, it is richer and heavier than most coffees. By drinking breve coffee, you will taste the creamy flavor of the milk inside of the breve and the espresso content will give you the caffeine you need. Although some prefer not to add some sweeteners to their breve, you can add some Irish cream to your breve to create Irish cream breve.

Breve Coffee and your Health

When it comes to the nutritional values of this drink, it is a little bit high in calories, and for this reason, it might be bad for you to drink this delicious coffee every day. As for it is cholesterol content, it is undeniably high.

If you are looking for alternatives to this drink, you might want to prefer a regular or skinny latte.

Differences between Breve Coffee and Latte

As we said earlier, Latte and Breve coffee have so many similarities that breve coffee can sometimes be called “breve latte” but, as you know, they are not the same.

When it comes to differences between them, the biggest difference is the type of milk or cream used. While Latte is made with steamed milk which is usually whole milk, Breve is made with steamed half-and-half instead of milk.

But what is half-half? The answer is simple. It is a blend of whole milk and cream. Due to its fat content, it may be the perfect choice if you are looking for heavily creamed coffee.

Pros and Cons of the Breve Coffee

Heavily creamed and tastes good.High in calories.
Easy to customize.High in cholesterol.
Doesn’t include any sweetener.Can be hard to drink due to its heavy cream.
Enjoyable due to its thick foam.

Wrapping Up

These were everything you needed to know about Breve. In brief, although it is a delicious coffee, you should be careful not to drink it every day due to its calorie content. What’s more, when you drink it, you will find some unique tastes of half-half in your coffee and that is one of the characteristics of this coffee.

What Is a Breve Coffee? Everything You Need to Know
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