Flat White vs Latte: Differences and Similarities

While some say Flat White is the small-sized version of the Latte, it is not true actually. Of course, some similarities can make someone think they are the same thing, but in this article, you will find out that they are not really the same. Before we take a look at the differences between Flat White and Latte, let’s refresh our knowledge about Flat White and Latte.

Flat White 101

Flat White is a coffee that consists of steamed milk and ristretto. To prepare, you will need double shots of ristretto and four shots of steamed milk. After preparing your delicious coffee, you can taste the milk and bitterness of the espresso at the same time.

Variations of the Flat White coffee are not so much. If you are looking for a lighter version of the Flat White, you can try Blonde Flat White. In addition, you can modify your Flat White by changing the type of milk. For example, you can try your Flat White with almond milk.

As for the origins of Flat White coffee, we can’t say anything precisely due to the controversy between Australia and New Zealand. They both state they are the father of this delicious coffee. However, it is safe to say they invented this coffee around the same time.

Latte 101

Caffe Latte or Latte is a type of coffee that includes steamed milk and espresso just like Latte. One of the characteristics of the Latte is it has a micro-foam on top of it. With the help of this micro-foam, the famous latte art was born.

But what makes Latte so famous and good? The answer is simple. It is incredibly easy to customize. You can have your Latte with syrups, mocha, vanilla, or caramel. In addition, you can use any milk you want with Latte. For example, you can prepare your Latte with coconut milk.

To mention briefly, the word “Latte” comes from Italy and it means “milk.” Origins of the Latte date back to 1847 when the term “Latte” first used. Although what we know about this coffee is a little bit muddy, we know that it became popular in Seattle around the ‘80s and became prevalent by the ‘90s.

Differences Between Flat White and Latte

As we said earlier, although some people say they are the same, there are some differences between Flat White and Latte. In this article, you will learn every difference between them.


One of the first things that you will notice is the size of these drinks. While Latte is usually served in a 240ml cup, Flat White is served in a 160ml cup. Of course, this can change depending on where you order your coffee but these are the standards of these coffees.


Another thing that distinguishes these drinks is milk. While Latte includes steamed milk and foamy milk on top of it, Flat While includes just a tiny layer of steamy milk.

Which one is better? Flat White vs Latte

Although the answer to this question may change from person to person, we will try to give you some tips for which one you should pick.

If you are having trouble selecting which coffee to drink, we made these basic tables for you.


Flat WhiteLatte
Includes less milk and strong.Includes more milk and light.
Doesn’t include foam.Includes foam.
If you want a quick boost, you can prefer Flat White because of its small size.If you drink your coffee slow, Latte is one of the best choices for you.


Flat WhiteLatte
  • Espresso
  • Velvety steamed milk
  • A thin layer of microfoam
  • Espresso
  • Steamed Milk
  • Milk Foam
ServingIn a ceramic cupGlass
FlavorRich, strongLight, balanced
Flat White vs Latte: Differences and Similarities

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