Coffee vs Soda

Being one of the most contentious comparisons, coffee vs soda still remains as a comparison that hasn’t come to the conclusion for some people. As a result of this uncertainty, some questions such as “does soda have more caffeine than coffee?” aroused. In this article, we will try our best to compare these two drinks. To make our comparison better and fair, we will compare them in terms of caffeine, health benefits, and acid levels.

Without further ado, prepare your coffees or sodas, and let’s begin our article.

Which One Is Healthier? Coke or Coffee?

After some exhausting days, and especially when it’s hot outside, you may want to grab a can of soda from a fridge for some refreshing beverage. On the other hand, if you just want to stay awake and work harder you may prefer some coffee. However, have you ever considered the health benefits or hazards of them?

The question that we need to ask ourselves at this point is not “is coffee healthier than soda” or vice versa. We should learn the health benefits or hazards of both of them and we should drink them moderately according to our body type or lifestyle.

To begin with, we can’t deny that soda has some health hazards. Studies have shown that drinking one can of soda per day might increase one’s risk of stroke over time. Although soda can be a very sweet and enjoyable drink, the nutritive value it has is very low which makes soda a little bit unhealthy. Another thing that you might want to know about soda is its high sugar levels. Being high in sugar levels, soda can lead to some diseases and health problems.

When it comes to coffee vs diet soda or normal soda in terms of health, things change a little. It is not surprising to know that coffee outweighs soda in terms of health benefits. However, since not every coffee is created equally and can differ considerably, the health benefits of the coffee might change depending on where you get it or how you make it. Health benefits of coffee may include weight loss, reducing depression, and so on. However, let’s not forget that if you put too much sugar in your coffee or if you choose some creamy breves, sugary frappuccinos, or huge glasses, that is, if you increase your calorie intake, you may encounter some health problems.

In conclusion, although it seems a little bit easy to answer, if you wonder what’s worse coffee or soda, in our opinion, soda is worse than coffee in terms of health.

Which is More Acidic: Coffee or Soda?

Although acidity is not one of the things that come to mind when we ask the question of is coffee better than soda, but we decided to talk about it because you may think that soda is acidic than coffee. The truth is, coffee actually has a lower pH level than soda. However, the state of being acidic and pH levels shouldn’t be confused.

Acid is an integral part of the coffee beans. In their first state, green coffee beans contain both good and bad acids. While some of these acids may disappear during the roasting process, others may not. These acids include chlorogenic acid and quinic acid.

Caffeine in Coffee vs Soda

Caffeine is so important in our lives that some people are addicted to it. Therefore, we decided to talk about how much caffeine in coke compared to coffee or vice versa. Both of these drinks include caffeine, but which one has more?

If you think coffee has more caffeine than soda, you are correct. A 12-oz cup of coffee has approximately 140 mg of caffeine inside which means it has three or four times more caffeine than soda.

One of the surprising things about soda is that diet coke contains more caffeine than a regular soda. While regular soda contains about 34mg for a 12 oz can, diet soda has 46mg of caffeine. Therefore if we compare coffee vs diet coke caffeine, the result is the same. Coffee has more caffeine than diet coke.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have given you everything you need to know about the comparison of coffee vs soda, you can make a decision depending on your choices. As a result of our comparisons, Coffee is healthier and more acidic than soda. When it comes to coke caffeine vs coffee caffeine, the winner is coffee again. However, if you ask us, we will prefer coffee instead of soda because we all love coffee.

Coffee vs Soda: Which One Is Better?

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