Coffee brewing might be most people’s daily ritual but are everyone aware of the coffee brewing mistakes that they are doing? Although brewing coffee might seem an easy task to do, there are some little details as well as some major things that every coffee lover should pay attention to when making coffee.

If you are wondering why is your coffee bad or how can you improve your coffee brewing skills, this is the right place for you. In this article, we will give you the most common mistakes that people, even baristas, do sometimes when brewing coffee. So without further ado, let’s see the most common coffee brewing mistakes!

12 Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes

Your Coffee Isn’t Fresh

Let’s start with a mistake that you can refrain from easily. Although the coffee you buy was fresh when you bought them for the first time, over time, it can go stale. If you use the same coffee beans for a long time, volatile compounds inside of your coffee beans might make your coffee taste better.

If you want to avoid stale beans, here is one of the most important coffee tips for you: Check the label of your coffee bean package. By doing that, you can see the roasting date so that you will know when to buy new coffee beans.

coffee beans
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Using Unfiltered Water

Although this is one of the most common coffee mistakes, some people might see addressing this problem as redundant. However, using filtered water is actually one of the best coffee brewing tips that we can give to you.

Using filtered water is important because coffee simply consists of water and coffee grounds. What’s more, you should know that minerals and contaminants affect the taste and aroma of your coffee considerably. However, there are some minerals that make coffee even better such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Therefore, you should consider buying filtered water that contains these elements.

You Are Using Low-Quality Coffee

Hearing that using low-quality coffee is a common coffee brewing is not a surprise for many people but there are some people who think that there is no difference between good quality and low-quality coffee.

If you want to brew a perfect cup of coffee or start to learn how to brew coffee, one of the most important things that you should know in advance is that you should use good quality coffee.

low quality coffee
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Your Roast Profile Are Not Right For Your Brew Method

Although you should think that you can use any roast profile you want when you brew a cup of coffee, this is not true actually. While it might get a little bit confusing when it comes to which roast profiles are the best for the given brewing method, we think we can help you by simplifying things.

Brewing MethodRoast Profile
French PressLight or medium roast
AeropressLight or medium roast
Pour-OverMeidum, medium dark roast, or dark roast
DripMedium roast
EspressoMedium or dark roast

You Are Not Using The Right Coffee Mug

We know, this may sound ridiculous but this is actually a very common mistake that people make. Although it may seem that mug doesn’t have anything to do with how is coffee brewed, we decided to put this mistake on this list because how you drink your coffee after it is brewed is an important matter too.

Imagine drinking a bottle of expensive champagne with a plastic cup, does it sound right? The same thing goes for the coffee too. We recommend using a ceramic or glass mug not only for the taste but for the tradition. What’s more, you should definitely heat your mug in advance otherwise you are shocking the hot coffee by pouring it into a cold mug.

coffee mug
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Your Coffee To Water Ratio Is Wrong

Another common mistake that coffee lovers do when brewing coffee is that they are not using the correct coffee to water ratio. However, this can be solved very easily with a little research.

If you think you are suffering from bitter coffee taste or weak coffee, your mistake might be using the wrong coffee to water ratio. Therefore, if you are having problems in brewing coffee but don’t know what are these, you might consider changing your coffee to water ratio.

Your Water Temperature Is Wrong

One of the most important things that you should consider if you want to brew a perfect cup of coffee is that using the right temperature for water. In addition, using the wrong temperature might be the reason why your coffee tastes bad.

If you are wondering which water temperature is right for coffee, we can say it is around 195°F (90.6°C) and 205°F (96.1°C). If you don’t have a thermometer, you can wait for 30 seconds after boiling your water to get the right temperature.

vacuum coffee brewing
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You Are Not Grinding Your Coffee Beans Properly

Grinding coffee is another thing that every coffee aficionado should learn more about. If you are having problems regarding the quality of your brew, it might be related to grinding problems.

If you are grinding coffee the wrong way it may lead to bad-tasting coffee because you should have uniform coffee grounds to brew a perfect cup of coffee. You can use a high-quality burr grinder and improve your coffee grinding skills to improve your coffee.

You Are Not Storing Your Coffee Beans Properly

One of the most important tips for baristas would be learning how to store the coffee beans properly. If you have problems with your coffee, it may be simply because of wrong storing storage conditions.

When it comes to how to store coffee beans properly, it is not that hard. You should keep them in a cool and dry place that is away from light, air, and extreme temperatures.

coffee jars
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You Are Not Rinsing The Coffee Filter

Most people who brew coffee don’t know this but it is really important to rinse the coffee filter before using it. You can use hot water to rinse your coffee filters before using them for brewing coffee. After preparing a coffee with a rinsed coffee filter, you will notice that your coffee is cleaner than ever.

Your Brewing Method Is Wrong

If you are looking for coffee making tips but no matter what you try you are still not satisfied, you might consider changing your brewing method as it changes the coffee substantially. If you wonder what is the right brewing method for your coffee, we prepared a basic table for you.

Espresso/Moka Pot CoffeeIntense and acidic
French PressRich and acidic
Pour-Over/DripRich and balanced
AeropressRich and mellow
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You Are Not Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

You may think cleaning a coffee maker has nothing to do with coffee brewing techniques but it is actually a very important thing that affects the quality of your cup. If your coffee doesn’t taste good, this may be simply due to a dirty coffee maker. Cleaning your coffee maker will help you to get rid of weird flavors in your coffee and make sure that you are getting rid of any contaminant that might be harmful to you.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned the most common mistakes when brewing coffee, you can start making a perfect cup of coffee for yourself. If you think you are a bad barista because you are doing these mistakes, don’t worry. Keep in your mind that everybody makes mistakes, and whoever takes lessons from these mistakes wins every time.

If you have some alternative solutions to these mistakes or do you think you are making a mistake that is not on this list when you brew your coffee, let us know in the comments section so that we can help you!

12 Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes & How to Avoid From Them

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