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Morning coffee is one of the most effective things that can make your day better if you love coffee just like us. Even if your day is great, drinking one cup of coffee when you wake up can help you to wake up easily and refresh your body. However, have you ever wondered what can you do to improve your morning coffee or how to make it taste better? You may have been thinking that your morning coffee is great so far, but after reading this article, you will find so many things that you can do to improve your morning coffee even more.

  1. Use Good Quality Coffee Beans
    Although you might be used to drink the same coffee in the morning for years, maybe you should change your coffee beans if you think you should improve your coffee. Buying good quality beans may sound expensive, but thanks to the growing coffee industry, there are so many brands that produce good quality beans so it is not that expensive as you think. You can buy samples from different brands and see which one is the best.

    Good Quality Coffee Beans
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  2. Store Your Coffee Beans Properly
    Although you might think storing coffee beans properly doesn’t affect the taste of your morning coffee, it is not true. When you start to store your beans properly, you can be sure that they will not go stale and change their flavor. To store coffee beans properly, you should keep them in an air-tight container that is located in a cool, dark, and dry place. After storing your coffee beans, you will see the difference next time you drink coffee in the morning.
  3. Try a Different Brewing Method
    Another thing that you can do to improve your early morning coffee is that changing the brewing method you have been using. For example, if you are using a traditional drip machine, you can try a French press or pour-over coffee maker to explore new tastes. Each method you try will open a whole new world that needs to be explored so that you can improve your technique too!

    "Roasted coffee beans, ground coffee and a Cup of hot coffee on a black background" by wuestenigel is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
    “Roasted coffee beans, ground coffee and a Cup of hot coffee on a black background” by wuestenigel is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
  4. Don’t Use Old Coffee
    As we highlighted above, coffee beans are fundamentals of the best morning coffee so you should pay attention to your beans. Therefore, you shouldn’t use old or stale beans otherwise you may get bitter, bad-tasting coffee that may ruin your day before it starts. If you want to brew yourself the best morning coffee, you should always use fresh coffee beans.

    Old Coffee
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  5. Learn To Make Your Favourite Coffee Drink
    This may sound redundant because everyone prepares a coffee that they like, right? This is true, but what we try to mean here is that you can learn how to make your favorite drink from the masters. For example, if you love one coffee shop’s coffee most, you can ask the barista how to make it so that you can make it at home. Once you figure out how to make every drink you like, you can love drinking coffee in the morning more than ever.
  6. Measure Your Coffee Beans
    As we mentioned in our other articles, measuring coffee beans is one of the most essential parts of preparing a cup of coffee. It is important because each brewing method has its own coffee to water ratio. So if you use the wrong ratio, you might end up with bitter or watery coffee. If you drink coffee first thing in the morning, you might forget to measure beans but you should get used to it.

    Coffee Triangle
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  7. Clean Your Equipment
    Another thing that is often forgotten but very important in preparing coffee is cleaning the equipment you use. It is important because if you don’t clean your equipment, your coffee becomes “seasoned” day by day. By simply handwashing your equipment once a week, you can get that perfect cup of coffee.
  8. Use Filtered Water
    If you wonder is coffee good for you in the morning, yes, it is. Only if you use filtered water and fresh coffee beans. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy and avoid any possible bacterias, you should always use filtered, clean, and cold water.
  9. Change Your Milk
    If you are looking for ways to improve your morning coffee or try new tastes, changing your milk wouldn’t be a bad idea. Most of us use dairy milks for coffee but did you know that you can use non-dairy milks such as soy, almond, or coconut? If you are interested, visit our article 8 Milk Alternatives For Coffee: What Is The Best Milk For Coffee?

    Best Milk For Coffee
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  10. Change Your Sweetener
    Just like changing your milk, you can change your sugar to increase the benefits of coffee in the morning. If you are using artificial sweeteners, you can try using natural sweeteners like stevia, coconut palm sugar, honey, or maple syrup if you like drinking coffee sweet. If you like natural sweeteners, you can remove artificial sweeteners from your life forever to be healthy!
  11. Use Flavored Coffee Beans
    If you are bored of drinking the same old regular coffee every morning, you can try flavored coffee beans. Using flavored coffee beans can enhance your brew’s flavors more and make your coffee richer. These flavored coffee beans include flavors such as vanilla, English toffee, creme brulee, chocolate hazelnut, and more so you can easily find a flavor that fits your taste!
  12. Add a Dash Of Salt
    It may sound strange, but if your coffee tastes astringent or bitter which happens when you use old grounds, you can add a dash of salt to your coffee to make it better. Salt can create a drink with a gentler and smoother aftertaste and you can use any type of salt.
  13. Change The Temperature
    If you drink the same coffee every day, you might question is drinking coffee in the morning better. So what’s the solution? It is simple, just change the way you drink your coffee. For example, if you are drinking hot coffee every morning, you can find some good iced coffee recipes and try them so that you can enjoy your morning coffee again.

    Hot coffee
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  14. Froth Your Milk Or Creamer
    If you have changed your milk and still feel that you can add extra things to your coffee, you can froth your milk or creamer to make your coffee richer. Besides, it is not hard to froth your milk when you wake up in the morning. You can froth your milk with simple, handheld tools quickly.

Wrapping Up

If you love drinking coffee every morning to get refreshed and wake up easily just like us, you can enjoy your morning coffee even more after reading this article. Starting from coffee beans, you can find almost everything you need to improve your first coffee of the day. If you have questions or some extra tips to improve the morning coffee, let us know in the comments section!

13 Ways To Enhance Your Morning Coffee Experience

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