10 Aeropress Tips and Tricks to Make Your Coffee Better

Being one of the most popular brewing methods, Aeropress is the favorite method of most people, which makes people need Aeropress tips when making a coffee with Aeropress. Despite its popularity, some things that you should pay attention to when you brew your coffee with the Aeropress can be unnoticed. Therefore, in this article, we decided to give you every tip and trick we know about the Aeropress brewing method. Aeropress is loved by most coffee lovers because of its portability and affordability, however, after putting these tips and tricks into practice, you may find other things that you may love about Aeropress.

10 Aeropress Tips and Tricks

  1. If You Want to Drink Your Coffee Right Away, Use Colder Water

    One of the most useful Aeropress hacks comes from a barista. According to the prize-winning barista, Lukas Zahradnik, the winner of the 2015 Aeropress World Championships; using a little cold water when you brew your coffee with Aeropress helps you to drink your coffee immediately after pressing. However, don’t make your water too cold, he recommends keeping the temperature at 174 F degrees and 25 seconds of steeping time with 75 seconds of the press.

  2. Use the Inverted Aeropress Method

    This method called “inverted” is loved by many coffee drinkers. If you haven’t tried this method yet, we definitely suggest you give it a try. The idea behind this method is simple: just turn your Aeropress upside down so that hot water and coffee have time to steep.

  3. Don’t Plunge Fully

    One of the most important Aeropress tips and tricks is about plunging. If you think plunging full distance can help you to get every flavor, you are wrong. By plunging all the way down, you are over-extracting your coffee, which makes it bitter. The solution is simple, don’t plunge all the way down. To be sure your coffee is ready, stop plunging when you hear a hissing sound.

  4. Don’t Fill the Aeropress Container Fully

    If you fill your water to the top when using Aeropress, your water will probably overflow when you add the filter and lid. This will not only ruin your water but only can burn your hand too. Instead of putting too much water, try to use less water so that you can get a more concentrated coffee shot.

  5. Pre-Infuse Your Aeropress About 30 Seconds

    This trick may not be surprising as it is a trick that is used in espresso machines or pour-overs. With pre-infusion, you can be sure that your ground coffee is adequately saturated. What’s more, it degasses the carbon dioxide from the coffee grounds. Therefore, it is a trick that can be considered mandatory. To pre-infuse your Aeropress, add approximately 50ml of boiling water to the container and wait for 30 seconds.

  6. Grind Your Coffee Beans Properly

    When you start to learn how to use Aeropress, you should know which grind size or coffee bean you have to use. After choosing the beans that you will use in your Aeropress, now it is time to grind them. As you know, grind size matters with almost every coffee maker, therefore, you have to pay attention to grind size when you use Aeropress too. You can use medium or fine grind sizes to get the best results from your Aeropress. If you grind your coffee beans too fine, you may over-extract your coffee which results in a bitter taste, on the other hand, if you grind your beans too coarsely, you can under-extract your coffee beans which leads to a weak and watery cup.

  7. Use Filtered Water

    When you want to get the perfect results when you use Aeropress, you should definitely use filtered water. This is not surprising considering coffee is mostly water, however, this tip may go unnoticed. To make your coffee better, make sure you are using filtered water instead of tap water.

  8. Rinse Your Aeropress In Advance With Warm Water

    Another important thing that you should do before brewing your coffee is rinsing your Aeropress. To prepare your Aeropress for brewing, you can rinse it with warm water or even you can do a blind press without any coffee grounds. By rinsing your Aeropress, you can get rid of some unwanted flavors in your Aeropress and you can increase your Aeropress temperature.

  9. Use Microwave For Optimum Water Temperature

    When you brew with Aeropress, you should pay attention to the water temperature. The best temperature for Aeropress water is 175 ℉, which can be a little hard to get. Therefore, you can use your microwave to control the temperature of the water. All you need is a microwave and a thermometer.

  10. You Can Use Your Paper Filter Several Times

    This is a great tip if you are having trouble with the paper filter. You don’t need to throw your paper filter away. Just rinse it with warm water and let it dry. You are ready!

  11. Experince with Filters

    You don’t need to use a paper filter every time you brew with Aeropress. Although the standard Aeropress brewing guide suggests using a paper filter, you can add an extra paper filter or even use a metal filter. By experimenting with filters, you can get a variety of flavors such as heavy-textured or full-bodied flavors.

Wrapping Up

These were all of the tips that we had for you. You can use these tips and tricks to improve your coffees even more. Now that you have learned almost everything you need to know about Aeropress, you have the answers to the questions such as “What is the Aeropress water temperature?”. We hope these tips and tricks will improve your coffee. If these tips and tricks are useful for you or you want to add something, let us know in the comment section!

10 Aeropress Tips and Tricks to Make Your Coffee Better

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